Unlocking Your Potential: Inside MESH’s Award-Winning DEI Initiatives

Watch MESH Co-Founder Dr. Leeno Karumanchery lead an insightful exploration into why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has stalled. In this eye-opening video, Dr. Leeno investigates the root causes behind the stagnation of DEI efforts and presents innovative approaches to reignite progress.

At MESH, we’re not just another tech company — we’re a living testament to the power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Recently we were recognized by HRD Canada as a 5‑Star DEI Employer. The entire MESH team was very happy with this recognition and we thought it would be a great opportunity to share how we applied our own technology and platform to build a culture that celebrates diversity and ensures Safety, Belonging and Inclusion. 

So how did we receive a near-perfect score? 

MESH’s Approach to DEI

Since day one, the MESH team has been dedicated to ensuring informed, authentic leadership for each MESH employee. This means modeling respect, compassion, and inclusion in every interaction, whether that’s during our weekly All-Hands meetings, our cross-departmental Zoom catch-ups, or even just a quick chat over Slack.

Leveraging Our Unique Approach

Assessing Cultural Fit: Every potential employee completes the MESH assessment during the interview process. This ensures alignment with the company’s DEI values and projects how they will meld into the MESH culture.

Why it matters: We have clear data on each candidate, ensuring that anyone who joins the team is aligned with our Mission, Vision and Values. 

Continuous Monitoring: Through our ongoing Inclusive Culture Benchmark, we consistently evaluate our internal DEI metrics. By promoting participation across all staff levels, we ensure every voice is heard, every experience is considered, and every potential improvement is pinpointed.

Dashboard Preview

How Does This Differ from Typical Engagement Surveys? In a word: precision. While many surveys rely on the Likert Scale from Strongly Disagree” to Strongly Agree”, we’ve discussed its limitations. Instead, our Inclusive Culture Benchmarks provide insightful data, guiding us to sustain our positive work environment.

Learning & Development: As a DEI-driven company, we’re committed to continuous learning and growth. Our team engages deeply with every training module, from Diversity Intelligence™ to our Inclusive Leadership programs. By grounding our training in evidence-based science and data, while consciously steering clear of politics, we ensure our team is adeptly equipped to champion DEI in their work and daily lives.

Don’t Most Companies Offer DEI Training? Indeed they do. However, MESH approaches DEI using a science-based method. While others focus on specific topics like unconscious bias or anti-racism, we provide comprehensive education, emphasizing unity and understanding, free from politics or blame.

Personalized Metrics & Insights: Every team member is empowered with tailored insights across 36 behavioral metrics. This depth of understanding enables our team to deepen self-awareness, receive bespoke feedback, and enhance their ability to champion DEI effectively. 

How Do These Insights Foster a Healthy Workplace? Self-awareness and understanding others’ perceptions are crucial. They highlight strengths and areas for growth. By having our entire organization undergo this exercise, we cultivate a shared language and strengthen our collective culture.

Personal Metrics

In Conclusion

Our commitment to DEI is more than a mission; it’s a daily pursuit. We tirelessly strive to assist our clients and partners in sculpting workplaces where every voice resonates, and every journey matters. Through our award-winning strategies, we’re not just embracing DEI – we’re redefining its very essence for organizations globally.

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