Empower Your Organization with Metrics that Make a Difference

Access crucial workforce data by department and demographics to gain insights into Safety, Belonging, and Inclusion within your organization.

1. Level Set:

Measure Safety, Belonging and Inclusion

Gain insights into your organization by measuring 20 unique attributes with the MESH Diversity Intelligence Platform™. Utilizing our proprietary methodology, we equip you with precise insights into team dynamics.

Plus, due to the neutral design, respondents can’t manipulate their answers to fit a desired perception, prompting genuine participation that best represents their experience. 


  • Team Alignment on DEI Goals
  • Organizational Benchmarks
  • Personalized Recommendations

2. Educate:

Facilitated Sessions & eLearning 

Empower your team with expert-led live DEI workshops and in-depth learning modules. 

Harness the power of allyship to cultivate a thriving corporate culture, while gaining profound insights into the experiences of marginalized individuals to elevate empathy and self-awareness.


  • Clear Insights into Organizational Strengths and Challenges
  • Comprehensive Grasp of DEI Fundamentals
  • Shared Vocabulary and Confidence for Continued DEI Dialogues

3. Empower:

Individual Benchmarking & Organizational Trends

Equip your team with unparalleled self-awareness. They’ll have access to a 360-degree view into 36 distinct behavioral traits, driving growth and enhancing team dynamics.

Plus, you gain access to overarching organizational trends derived from individual data, fostering informed decision-making and proactive strategy development.


  • Personalized Insight into 36 Behavioural Metrics
  • Clarity Around Organizational Trends and Recommendations 
  • Tailored Learning Pathway

Start improving your company culture today by building a more equitable workplace with MESH

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