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20 Year Old Diversity Strategies Are Still Being Used Even Though Research Shows That…

– Just 1 in 10 executives is female –
– Minoritized women are the least likely to be promoted –
– Discrimination based on sexual orientation is still too prevalent in today’s workplace –

So What Makes Diversity Intelligence™ Different?


Collect and analyze inclusion data trends in real time with
MESH/behavioural analytics


Design and build inclusive and engaged team with
MESH/team blueprints


Safeguard against unconscious bias with
MESH/inclusion scores


Build an inclusive culture using your people to define success with


MESH/yes it is


Combining sociology and data science in a way never before possible with

Move Beyond Unconscious Bias

If you’re serious about diversity, we can’t just talk about unconscious bias and hope to educate our way out of the problem.

Understand and Identify Power Dynamics

The key to any good D&I strategy is understanding and engaging Power Dynamics. Let us show you how.

Measure Inclusion to Drive Diversity

30+ years of research tells us that inclusion is not just a word; it’s a quantifiable, manageable commodity. Design the culture you want.

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Since we began our EQ journey with MESH / diversity, our over-all staff survey results are up positively 20%, our sick time is down 25%, and our voluntary turn-over rate is down to 1%.

— Steve Rainey, The Group Health Centre

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