The Only Fully
Integrated Anti-Racism
Tool in the World

  • Develop your people
  • Empower your leaders
  • Drive real inclusive change

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Based on 20+ years of Social Science and backed by Data Science

We give people the tools to navigate the complex science of social oppression in ways that are accessible and actionable.

Want things to change? Don’t know where to start?

Expose the invisible system and bring real change into your organization

By working with MESH, you will learn to recognize, understand and articulate: 
  • How social privilege and power are exercised and normalized in the everyday
  • How and where social privilege and power might manifest in everyday practice in organizations 
  • How to change the system in practical and productive ways
Want to learn more? Watch our Co-Founder’s TEDx Talk

MESH/diversity empowers D&I professionals with the strategic support, tools, metrics and data needed to drive the success across their organizations.


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