Track & Improve Your
Company’s Inclusion Score

The MESH Diversity Intelligence™ approach empowers
your organization with tools, training and resources
that brings D&I into your business DNA.

Develop inclusive leaders.

Our resources empower leaders to build from their level of D&I knowledge and develop these skills further. We meet you where you are, then grow at the speed you choose.

Build inclusive teams.

Track and monitor your team members’ Inclusivity Scores. Manage inclusion from the talent hiring process to effortlessly build inclusive teams.

Grow inclusive cultures.

Manage, monitor and track the inclusivity of your organization to create a positive, supportive workplace allowing talent to flourish.

Measure Inclusion

Inclusion is not just a word, it’s a quantifiable, manageable commodity. MESH/diversity intelligence™ allows you to identify, assess and manage the behavioural markers that either enhance or destroy inclusion in your organization.

Chart Belonging

Built entirely on the quality of one’s human interactions and sense of acceptance within a group, belonging reflects safety, engagement, passion, loyalty and especially innovation. Cultures with high belonging are unstoppable.

Understand Power Dynamics

The Diversity Intelligence™ Model allows you to comprehend dynamic complexities of power and how social power underlies every Diversity and Inclusion problem that plagues workplace cultures.

Inject D&I into your DNA Today

MESH/diversity empowers D&I professionals with the strategic support, tools, metrics and data needed to drive the success across their organizations.

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