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Measure Inclusion.  Drive Diversity

Our Diversity Intelligence™ Suite enables you to make inclusion the foundation of your Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Track & Improve Your
Company’s Inclusion Score

Measure Inclusion

Inclusion is not just a word, it’s a quantifiable, manageable commodity.  MESH/diversity intelligence™ allows you to identify, assess and manage the behavioral markers that either promote or damage inclusive potential.

Chart Belonging

Built entirely on the quality of one’s human interactions and sense of belonging within a group, inclusion drives our need for safety, engagement, passion, loyalty and even innovation.

Understand Power Dynamics

The Diversity Intelligence™ Model allows you to understand the complexities of power and how social power underlies every Diversity and Inclusion problem that plagues our workplace cultures.

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MESH/diversity empowers D&I professionals with the strategic support, tools, metrics and data needed to drive the success across their organizations.

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