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December 19, 2018Mike Wright

Giving something a name is a tricky endeavour. Whether it’s a child, a pet, or…a company, names stick. Names carry and convey meaning. Names tell you a little bit about the things themselves, and even more about the people who came up with them in the first place. When we originally named our company, we wanted to reflect our collective vision that humane, compassionate and inclusive cultures could develop out of differences. With that in mind, we chose a name from history, Enkidu, that we felt reflected these ideals. Well, while Enkidu was a good name, it never quite set the tone that we wanted. It never really told the tale of what and who we are. Its time for a change.

I am very pleased to announce that we are now MESH/diversity. Here is a little insight as to why…

Our Co-Founder Dr. Leeno Karumanchery has been a thought leader in the Diversity and Inclusion space for more than two decades. His PhD Thesis was the first to identify the inherent trauma that marginalized peoples experience on a daily basis.

Shortly after completing his doctorate, he began his consulting career and was introduced to the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The science behind EQ hit him like a ton of bricks. Not only did it dovetail seamlessly with the deep sciences of diversity, it also offered the perfect vehicle to present D&I strategies in a non-threatening, “get to” (as opposed to a “got to”) manner. The realization was profound for him: Engaging D&I in organizations didn’t need to have people feel like they were taking bad tasting medicine.

Leeno also realized that looking at diversity through an EQ lens provided great insight into Power Dynamics; more specifically, how both organizational power and social power lie at the root of every D&I challenge found in the workplace today.

So in combining Emotional Intelligence and D&I with our deep understanding of Social/Organizational Power, we developed the basis of our Diversity Intelligence™ model. Our software platform provides actionable, real-time metrics that drive healthier more productive business cultures, while putting safety, belonging and inclusion at the core.

That brings us back to our new name: MESH/diversity. Whether it’s the combination of Sociology, Psychology and Neuroscience or the weaving together of EQ with Diversity and Inclusion – MESH/diversity is a name that fits. It tells the tale of who and what we are, and it describes our passion for helping clients build people strategies that take advantage of the all the benefits that diversity brings.

We are really excited about our new name and hope that you like it too.

Mike Wright
Co-Founder, CEO

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