Inclusive Visioning Process

At its core, visioning is a key part of strategic planning for inclusive change. Our Senior Organizational Development Team will work with your Executive Leaders and Inclusion Champions to develop a clear vision and strategy for your initiative.

Visioning helps our clients to really see and understand what success looks like in the future.  It’s an inspiring, creative and collaborative process designed to help leadership teams obtain clarity about their desired future state. 

Visioning Creates:

  • A clear understanding of the steps necessary to successfully drive change
  • A view as to how/where organizational resistance to change manifests
  • Clarity as to what doesn’t presently support the change process
  • An unambiguous statement of optimism for the future
  • Alignment that promotes everyone pulling in  the same direction

With space for evaluation and tweaking along the way, the MESH Visioning process supports organizational leaders in creating tangible action steps that will help the team lead the organization towards the desired future state. 

Keynotes, Trainings and Workshops

MESH’s facilitators are not only eminently qualified experts in their fields, they are also communications experts that understand how you provide a message is often more important than the message itself. Whether it’s through, Keynotes, Trainings or more intimate Workshop settings, MESH facilitators know how to frame and deliver our D&I material in a manner that drives excitement, engagement and organizational buy-in.

Our Offerings

While we do tailor our sessions to meet client needs, our standard suite includes:

  • Diversity 101: Understanding the Invisible System
  • Becoming an Ally
  • Reaching your Potential: How Minoritized people can navigate the impact of Social Oppression
  • Managing through Diversity:  How leaders can effectively lead diverse teams

Executive Coaching

Here at MESH, we coach Executives who want to maximize their performance as inclusive leaders. We know that leadership cannot be compartmentalized and so it’s vitally important that people leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead a D&I change process. By leveraging the deep science and data found in your personal MESH platform results, our World Class Executive coaches will help you reach your personal and professional potential.

Could Context Change the World?

This TEDx Talk by Dr. Leeno Karumanchery, Co-Founder and Head of Behavioural Sciences, looks at the importance of context as it relates to our experiences. Dr. Karumanchery explores the continuum of discrimination and chronic abuse, showing how people in identical situations experience them differently.

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