Why DEI Conversations Don’t Work

In our eBook, Why DEI Conversations Don’t Work,” Dr. Leeno Karumanchery offers his insights on common practices in the DEI field that aren’t working.

From having conversations to trainings with unqualified facilitators, this book shows how certain DEI practices can have negative, and even dangerous, effects on your people and your organization.

With this free eBook, you will learn:

• Why DEI conversations don’t work
• Other DEI approaches that don’t work
• Why metrics are the key to having successful DEI implementation
4 ways to effectively communicate your DEI message

Take a look inside:

Over the last decade, organizations across all sectors have been launching diversity and inclusion DEI initiatives. Regardless of the reason for their creation, whether for compliance as a tick box measure, or with a genuine desire to engage change, over time, too many of them have resulted in what we call diversity drain.”

Siloed approaches, time-limited projects and a lack of real field expertise have unfortunately resulted in a general inability to move the dial on D&I. The result is that even well-meaning leaders can’t effectively shepherd change and staff are left disconnected from the benefits and possibilities that real inclusion can bring.

The internet’s DEI echo chamber is amplifying this problem as approaches that have been consistently failing for decades continue to be touted as best practices.” The list is expansive:

• Celebratory Events and Ethnic Lunches
DEI Trainings
• Targeted Hiring (i.e. Quotas)
• Mentoring

These approaches are largely ineffectual at driving sustainable organizational change because they do little to address social power and oppression (i.e., racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism) as the real wellsprings of the DEI dilemma.

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If the notion of leveraging real D&I metrics resonates for you, it’s important to recognize that the human element can’t be lost in the process. How you communicate the vision and values that underpin your efforts is a key element of your change process.

Experience shows us that diversity programs always come with their fair share of resistance:

• Resistance to difference
• Resistance to change
• Fear of the unknown

The infographic below outlines four keys to communicating your D&I message.

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