Get Instant Insights Into Your Cultural Health

Organizations place a lot of value on data. Across all departments, data tends to fuel the direction the business takes. It provides proof of successes and shows where things are falling behind. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work is no different: without data, how do you know your programs are working? How do you know how your people are doing?

The MESH Platform is designed to gather, assess and show you real data from your people and your organization. It’s a hub where you can easily see how your organization is doing in your DEI efforts, particularly when it comes to Safety, Belonging, Inclusion and Drive. We are always working hard to improve our platform experience so that you can get instant insights into exactly where you are in your journey .

We’re happy to announce that we have refreshed the dashboard experience inside the MESH Platform. Thanks to these updates, It’s now even easier to assess your cultural health and leverage your data. With our platform, you are armed with the tools you need to demonstrate how well your programs are working — and pinpoint any gaps that you might want to address.

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