Embed DEI into your culture by measuring what matters most.

Through our guided learning journey, your team will better understand their unique challenges and how they can help build a more equitable workplace.

Level Set:

Onboarding & Organizational Benchmarking 

  • We provide personalized onboarding support to your program administrator 
  • We host a kick-off call with your entire team (time commitment: 60 minutes) 
  • Your team takes the Inclusive Culture Benchmark (time commitment: 15 minutes)


  • Team alignment on DEI goals 
  • Platform training and onboarding 
  • Initial organizational benchmarks 


Facilitated Sessions & eLearning 

  • We host a meeting to discuss your organizational benchmarks, celebrate your team’s strengths and highlight areas for improvement (time commitment: 60 minutes) 
  • Your team starts participating in live training workshops to learn more about DEI (time commitment: 60 minutes per session)
  • eLearning becomes available (time commitment: about 60 minutes each) 


  • Clarity on organizational strengths and weakness 
  • Deeper understanding of DEI basics 
  • Shared vocabulary and confidence to continue conversations about DEI


Individual Benchmarking & Self-Reflection 

  • Selected team members take a Self-Assessment to better understand their behavioral strengths and weaknesses related to DEI (time commitment: 15 minutes) 
  • These team members will then invite at least three others to take the same survey about them to provide an external perspective (time commitment: 15 minutes per rater) 
  • Participants will have access to live, interactive sessions that explore different modules (time commitment 60 minutes for each module).


  • Personal metrics
  • Clarity around personal goals and possible growth areas 
  • Tailored eLearning pathway


Measurement & Ongoing Learning

  • Your team members will receive 2 questions by email each week that will be used to gauge organizational progress (time commitment: 2 minutes) 
  • You will watch your metrics evolve and grow over time, allowing you to track progress towards your DEI goals 
  • Your team members will continue eLearning at their own pace and joining live training sessions (time commitment: 60 minutes per eLearning or live session) 


  • Measurable information related to your DEI progress 
  • Personal and professional growth across your entire team

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