Make your workplace more inclusive with DEI Training

Live training sessions with science-based metrics on safety and inclusion to improve your company culture at every level.


Drive cultural change with science-based training


Live training sessions with your people


Metrics on safety, belonging and inclusion


Guided learning paths for your people

Approachable trainings and workshops centered on diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion can be challenging topics to talk about — especially in a corporate setting. It’s crucial that the content is approachable.

👉 MESH provides workshops and training that make the content approachable while also facilitating self-awareness and empathy. 

Track DEI progress through reporting

Most diversity solutions don’t provide a way to measure progress. Without data, participants will not be able to measure if they are improving, and goals cannot be met.

👉 MESH provides actionable metrics at a participant or organizational level to accurately measure progress towards your DEI goals.

Science-based, data-driven diversity

Most DEI trainings don’t involve science in their teachings. Without science-based metrics, the information lacks credibility and makes it difficult to apply.

👉 MESH’s science-backed platform provides reliable information that is retained and implemented.


“MESH helped us move beyond talk and use a proven strategy to implement a change across our company. With decades of science-based D&I expertise, MESH is helping us deliver complex messages in a clear manner.“

Habitat for Humanity Canada
Julia Deans, President & CEO

“With a solid science-based foundation and real metrics that help us understand and leverage the behaviors that mark safety, belonging and inclusion, we are truly excited about our partnership with the team at MESH.“

TI Fluid Systems
Domenic Milicia, Chief Human Resources Officer

“MESH team helped us to engage employees in meaningful conversations about fostering a culture of safety and inclusion at our company. The trainings made the topics of racism and inequity accessible to everyone.“

Boston Private
Anthony DeChellis, CEO

“Our team hired MESH/diversity to help lead conversations across our organization on systemic racism and social oppression and the feedback from employees was an overwhelming WOW.“

SVB Financial Group
Chris Edmonds-Waters, Chief HR Officer

“Both our culture and our relationships with our clients have improved having MESH as our diversity and inclusion partner. We now have an entirely new & proven way to engage and enhance our people.“

InteliSys Aviation Systems
Wayne Chamberlain, President


Designed by the leading DEI expert, Leeno Karumanchery

  • Brings over 20 years of expertise working in the DEI field
  • Facilitates engaging and impactful trainings and consultations
  • Develops learning paths for your people based on their metrics


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