MESH’s Engaging Training Program

Our training is designed to guide your organization toward being effective anti-oppression work. We give awareness and understanding to the invisible system of oppression and build self-awareness about the reality of racism, sexism, heterosexism and more.

Uncovering the Invisible System

The key objective of this training is to increase participant self-awareness about the reality of systemic oppression relative to their personal biases, fears, and comfort levels.

Training takeaways
  • Learn to see and name Racism / Social Oppression for what it is.
  • Learning to See how Power Dynamics impact your organization.

The MESH Training program explores:

Why anti-oppression reform initiatives are necessary in your organization

How social privilege and power are exercised and normalized in the everyday

How we can change the system in practical and productive ways

Could Context Change the World?

This TEDx Talk by Dr. Leeno Karumanchery, Co-Founder and Head of Behavioural Sciences, looks at the importance of context as it relates to our experiences. Dr. Karumanchery explores the continuum of discrimination and chronic abuse, showing how people in identical situations experience them differently.

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